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We have strapless bras and torsolettes in a range of sizes to support you for any special occasion. These are ideal for strapless dresses or other garments that cannot be worn with a typical bra.

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Antoinette Basque by Masquerade

Picture of Antoinette Basque by Masquerade
Sizes: 6-16 E,F,FF,G
$175.00 (AUD)
$65.00 (AUD)

Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline by Freya

Picture of Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline by Freya
Sizes: 6-14 D,E,F,FF,G,GG 16 D,E,F,FF,G

$98.00 (AUD)

Divine Strapless by PrimaDonna

Picture of Divine Strapless by PrimaDonna
18-20 D
8-16 E,F,G

$145.00 (AUD)

Exclusive Line Basque by Ulla

Picture of Exclusive Line Basque by Ulla
Sizes: 12-22 D,E,F,G
Limited Sizes Avail.
$295.00 (AUD)
$35.00 (AUD)

Garter Belt by Ulla

Picture of Garter Belt by Ulla
Sizes: M-10XL

$89.00 (AUD)

Koko Strapless

Picture of Koko Strapless
Sizes: 6-14 E,F,FF,G

$110.00 (AUD)

Lace Bustier

Picture of Lace Bustier
Sizes: 12-24 C,D,E,F,G,H

$130.00 (AUD)

Lace Torsolette

Picture of Lace Torsolette
Sizes: 10-26 C,D,E,F

$160.00 (AUD)

Lilian Basque

Picture of Lilian Basque
Sizes: 18-30 B,C 10-30 D,E 10-26 F,G 10-18 H,I

$298.00 (AUD)

Melody Strapless Bra

Picture of Melody Strapless Bra
Sizes: 8-16 D,E,F

$160.00 (AUD)

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