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Fuller figure lingerie for women who want to look as fabulous as they feel! Whether you're seeking the support and shape from the Viola that ensures smooth lines beneath clothing, or the gorgeous colours of the Nathalie for something more exciting, More Than A Handful has a wide range of beautiful bras for beautiful women!
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Picture of Alice
Sizes: 18-26 B,C 10-26 D,E,F,G 10-26 H,I 10-18 K,L

From $175.00 (AUD)


Picture of Ann
Sizes: 10-26 D,E,F,G 10-22 H,I

From $165.00 (AUD)


Picture of Carla
18-30 B,C
10-30 D,E
10-30 F,G
10-22 H,I,K,L

From $198.00 (AUD)


Picture of Carmen
Sizes: 14-30 B,C 12-30 D,E,F,G 12-26 H,I

From $160.00 (AUD)

Chantilly Full Cup Bra

Picture of Chantilly Full Cup Bra
Sizes:8-18 E,F,G

$135.00 (AUD)

Chantilly Spacer Bra

Picture of Chantilly Spacer Bra
Sizes: 8-18 D,E,F,G,H

$130.00 (AUD)

Chiara Padded Plunge

Picture of Chiara Padded Plunge
Sizes: 8-22 D,E,F,G,H,I

$165.00 (AUD)


Picture of Elise
Sizes: 10-34 D,E,F,G 10-30 H,I 10-22 K,L 18-34 B,C

From $175.00 (AUD)

Elise Full Cup

Picture of Elise Full Cup
Sizes: 8-18 E,F,G

$120.00 (AUD)

Elise Without Underwire

Picture of Elise Without Underwire
Sizes: 12-30 D,E,F,G 16-30 C

$160.00 (AUD)

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